June 1st is the official beginning of Hurricane Season.  At this point, staff is to insure that communities with generators have tanks filled in preparation of power outages.   Monitor the levels on a monthly basis to be sure that tank is always full during this season.


Due to the short “shelf life” of chlorine and other pool chemicals, we will wait until a storm watch is issued to order extra chlorine for super chlorinating pools.


Our main office will be closely monitoring the tropical weather forecasts for the possibility of severe weather to our area.   Listed below are the steps that staff will take if and when severe weather is expected to affect our area. 




Hurricane Watch: 


An area is put under Hurricane Watch by the National Weather Service when hurricane conditions are possible in the specified area of the Watch, usually within 36 hours.  During a Watch, there is no immediate danger; however, the majority of preparations will be started at this time to ensure ample time to secure the property. 


Hurricane Warning: 


An area is put under Hurricane Warning by the National Weather Service when a hurricane is EXPECTED to strike the area of Warning within 24 hours.  Winds of 74 miles per hour or greater as well as possible storm surges are to be expected.    Once a Hurricane Warning is issued for our area, the on-site staff will complete hurricane preparations and leave the property to complete their own preparations.   ELLIOTT MERRILL STAFF WILL NOT REMAIN ON SITE DURING A HURRICANE.



When Hurricane Watch is Issued:


  1. Roof Area - Secure all equipment and clear off visible debris.  Close and secure all roof doors and hatches. 
  2. Irrigation Systems - Turn off all irrigation clocks and timers.
  3. Hoses - Remove and store any garden or car wash hoses.
  4. Remove and store any trash and recycling containers. 
  5. Pool Area
    1. Store pool furniture, umbrellas, flower pots and safety equipment in a pre-designated area.  Do not put pool furniture in the pool. 
    2. Order extra chlorine to have on hand.  Do not super-chlorinate the pool at this time.  That will be done when and if a Hurricane Warning is issued.  Continue to run pool and spa motors. 
  6. Remove flags and poles if possible.



When Hurricane Warning is Issued:


  1. Shut off pool and spa pumps at the breakers.
  2. Turn off water to pool showers, auto fill devices and dune crossover showers.
  3. Pool to be super chlorinated and POOL CLOSED notices to be posted.
  4. Cut down and store all tennis wind screens, nets and awnings. 
  5. Remove and store large street and/or property signs if possible.
  6. Remove gate arms if possible.  
  7. Make an inspection of common areas for any loose items that can be safely removed and stored.
  8. Cooling towers WILL NOT BE EMPTIED. 
  9. Signs to be posted that elevators will be run to the top floor and power to be turned off when evacuation order is issued.   Residents will be encouraged to leave the property at this time. 
  10. Manager to visit property to ensure all Elliott Merrill responsibilities are completed.  If requested by the Board, Manager will remove the key box and will take responsibly for its safe keeping. 


When Evacuation Order is Issued:


Elliott Merrill staff will complete the following items prior to leaving the property.      Staff (including access control personnel) will not be expected to remain on sight during the hurricane.


  1. Elevators will be run to the top floor and power will be turned off.   Signs to be posted that elevators have been turned off. 
  2. Power to cooling towers will be shut down.  They will not be emptied.
  3. Generators, fire pumps and alarm systems will be left on in case of fires after the building is evacuated.
  4. Domestic water pumps will be shut down at this time.


AFTER THE STORM:     In the event of a severe storm, it is likely that phone service, including cell phones, will be limited, therefore, all staff is expected to report to the main office as soon as possible after the storm has passed and the Office of Emergency Management has given the go ahead for the public to be on the roads. 


Staff will then be given instructions to report to their property and will aid managers in completing the following:


  1. Take pictures of visible damage to the property.
  2. Secure common areas where possible.
  3. Meet with representatives of the Association’s Hurricane Committee to discuss actions to be taken.
  4. Elliott Merrill Community Management to report loss to Association’s Insurance company.