Opening and Closing OHS 810††† 11/21/2014


Opening (some of these steps may have already been done if the apartment has been idle for only a couple weeks):


1.        The guard gate requires you use a "clicker" (remote garage door opener) to open the guard gate. If you don't have a clicker, for the first visit, park outside the gate, walk in, go to the apartment and get the clicker from the kitchen drawer nearest the window. Keep the clicker in your car during your stay and return it to the drawer when you finally leave. Alternative: If you know someone at OHS, they can buzz you in if you call them using the call panel by the gate.

2.        The key fits both the deadbolt and the knob.A tiny flashlight hangs behind the door, if you need it while opening up.

3.        Turn on circuit breakers (ON is toward center of the panel). Circuit panel is in kitchen wall, opposite the stove (sometimes under a hanging cloth decoration). AC and water heater circuit breakers are already on.

4.        Turn on main water valve in front of water heater.Water heater is behind louvered doors in hall. Blue handle parallel to pipes means it's on.Pointing toward you means it's off.Turn on the power switch to the water heater; itís a foot to the left of the water valve. Run water in the sink for a half minute to remove stale water from the lines.

5.        Open the shutters. The ones near the front door open from the outdoors. On each, twist the little thumbscrew and lift the latch bar, then retighten to hold it up. Similarly, lower the upper latch bar. Now the accordion can be opened. Reseat the latch bars into holes to lock the accordions open, and retighten the thumbscrews. The ocean balcony works the same way, but there are no latch holes when the accordions are open. Here, push the latch bars toward the outside edges of their respective rails and they will wedge the shutters tightly open. For the bedroom window, there is nothing to unlock; simply crank the shutter open. The crank rod is to the right of the bedroom window. One end turns into a crank (it stores straight). The crank turns most easily if you angle the shaft in a straight line with the short shaft that comes out of the wall. If the crank is hard to turn, you're going the wrong way; please don't force it as it will strip the gears. The shutter comes to a stop when fully open; again please don't force it.

6.        The refrigerator starts making ice after you turn on the water and power, but it takes overnight to fill with cubes. The refrigerator settings are best about midway.

7.        Switch the air conditioner to COOL and the fan to AUTO and set the air conditioner to a comfortable temperature (i.e. 78), or switch it OFF if you want to open the windows.Turn humidistat to ON.If you want heat, similarly switch the thermostat to HEAT and fan to AUTO and humidistat to ON and set the temperature you want.

8.        Bring out porch furniture.The table will fit sideways thru the door with some jockying, but you have to remove the glass table top first.Be careful not to rest the glass on it's edge on the cement, as it will chip.If necessary, bring out the sliding screen door (behind the couch) and set it on its track.

9.        If you don't want to use the screen door on the balcony, it stores awkwardly behind the couch. You'll find window screens behind the bed headboard, if you want them.They stop mosquitoes, but not no-seeums. The balcony screen door DOES stop noseeums.

10.    Put out door mat to catch sand.

11.    Remove plastic wrap from the toilet bowls, or you'll be in for a sloppy surprise.

12.    There's Windex and a squeegee in the guest closet. Cleaning the outside of the bedroom window requires removing the window, a complicated affair. Using a squirt bottle under the sink, stand on the balcony and try squirting the bedroom windows with plain water to remove salt scum.

13.    On the hanging keyring in the kitchen you'll find another house key, a key for the tennis courts, which you're free to use. Another key is for roof access (nice view).

14.    A 4th key is for the mailbox downstairs.Contact the Post Office to activate it and take out the message from the box asking to deny mail.


While here:


1.      Please lock the entry door when away from the unit.Suggestion: Just lock the deadbolt when leaving temporarily; that way you can't lock yourself out.

2.      Two of the West windows have a bolt screwed into the frame that, for security, can stop the windows from opening all the way if you wish to leave them open for a breeze. To open the window further, remove the bolt.

3.      If you have visitors who need to drive in, have them call you from the gate (my call number is 230-- available also thru and index there under the name Utz) and when the phone rings in the apartment, answer it, then press 9 on your phone to open the gate. OR, you can ust the clicker in the drawer and stand on the catwalk and aim carefully to open the gate.

4.      Lawn chairs and beach stuff are kept in the storage room diagonally across from the front door.Cupboard #10 has a combination lock.Use the area code 7-7-2 to open it.

5.      Feel free to poke around the drawers and closets. We have maps, guidebooks, novels, games, and extra supplies.

6.      If you need a plunger, it's next to the water heater (big round tank).

7.      Unless you're enjoying the view, the rooms will stay cooler and you'll save electricity if you close the blinds and drapes when the sun beams in (early morning and late afternoon) or when away.

8.      The place is generally stocked with essentials like paper towels, toilet paper, soap, laundry and cleaning products, etc.Feel free to use them and kindly replace them if you run out.

9.      The telephone number is 772 464 1501. It covers local and most long distance at no extra charge. The phone system works on Ooma, a telephone-over-internet device with blue lights in the guest room. If there is a message, the Ooma will have an icon blinking orange. Press it for the message. If you shut the Ooma off or if the big flower in the center of it is orange, the phones wonít work. If it fouls up, turn it off, wait a minute, then turn it on and wait another 5 minutes for it to reset. The wireless phone takes about 12 hours to charge when you first move in.

10.  Insects get into everything, so seal up food (there are sealable containers) or keep food (even crackers, cereal, etc.) in refrigerator.

11.  The master bedroom shower works by PULLING on the handle, then turning to adjust temperature. If you leave the shower door open after a shower, it will dry quickly and you'll avoid getting mold.

12.  Garbage chute is at South end of building (behind a door). Please bag tightly.Paper, plastic (but not bags), and bottles are recycled and comingled, and you have to carry them downstairs to the bins.

13.  If the balcony door is open, beware that there may be wind pressure against the West door making it hard to open or close.

14.  The ATT cable TV remote controls the cable, the TV, and the DVD player. The bedroom setup is independent from the living room.

15.  If nonperishable food or beverages are left by previous guests, feel free to use them, and don't feel obliged to replace them.

16.  Feel free to use the clubhouse. The clubhouse door uses a combination deadbolt. To unlock it, punch 4230 on the keypad and then open the door.

17.  Condo rules require a parking sticker for your car.If you don't have one, see the maintenance man to get one (it's free).

18.  Wi fi is available for computer users.The signal reaches just about everywhere.The site name is ETS-WEP2 and the encription passcode is 6135124199. Tech support is available at 877-899-4387.

19.  Florida Power and Light has a mechanism called "On Call" where they can switch off our air conditioner/heat and water heater power for up to 4 hours a day.This happens extremely rarely (during power shortages, brownouts).If the AC stops unexpectedly, this is probably the reason.A box just above the water heater switch will show a red light when this is happening.

20.  If you use the pressure cooker, do not leave it unattended.

21.  Donít use abrasives on the kitchen sink faucet; use only soap and water.

The white fan in the guest bathroom is handy for drying towels and bathing suits hung over the bathtub. The switch is in the back of the fan; the light must be on.



If leaving for a couple days:

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Turn off the hot water switch next to the water heater.
  3. Close the shades.

If someone is going to occupy the unit within 2 weeks after you leave (typical):


1.      Please tidy up generally.If you collected shells, etc., please take them with you.

2.      Do the laundry (Start this early, the drier is slow).

3.      Vacuum and empty the vacuum cleaner canister.

4.      Clean the bathrooms, kitchen, and elsewhere. Empty kettle, sugar bowl and empty crumbs from toaster.

5.      Clean out perishables from refrigerator, freezer, and shelves.

6.      Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator.

7.      Empty dishwasher.

8.      Bring door mat inside.

9.      Return one gate opener to the West kitchen drawer.

10.  Stop the mail, if you started it, and return the message to the box to deny mail.

11.  Set humidistat at ON,AC to Cool,Fan to Auto, Air temperature at 78į.

12.  Check the storage room to see the padlockto #10 is latched.

13.  Empty wastebaskets and take out garbage and recycles.

14.  Make sure the bedroom windows are latched. Lock the sliding balcony door.

15.  Turn off the power switch to the water heater, THEN turn off the main water supply over the big tank in the laundry area (when off, the handle points toward you). This step is crucial as water leaks commonly occur and cause damage to the units below.

16.  Run water in the sink to remove pressure from the lines.When the water stops, you can turn it off.

17.  Draw the drapes and close the shades.

18.  Lock both deadbolt and door handle when you finally leave.Mail me the key and 2nd gate opener OR leave them on the dining room table.



If closing up for a long period (rare):


Do the above plus the following:


1.      Bring in table, chairs, and all else from the balcony.

2.      Turn off the circuit breakers, but LEAVE THE AC AND THE WATER HEATER CIRCUIT BREAKERS (#16 & 18, #8 & 10) ON.

3.      Close the shutters and latch them. You'll notice the balcony shutter edges fit into each other. Although there are 2 ways they can do this, only one way makes the latch bolts line up easily with their holes.

4.      Shut off the refrigerator. Empty the ice cube tray.Prop the refrigerator door open. Switch off its circuit breaker (#9).

5.      After a while, the refrigerator's insides may be damp with condensation from being open.Give the insides a swish with a paper towel to soak up excess moisture.

6.      Place plastic wrap or bag over toilet bowls, adding a tablespoon of bleach to the water.